Beverage Photography: Strawberry Lemonade (Non-Alcoholic)

These photos were taken at Buffalo Wild Wings

Re: An Attack On My Art

So, I still plan to share my photography some in the coming days, but I decided to respond to something first.

Recently had my artwork (pretty brutally) slammed, and the fact that I put my brand on it was esp. attacked as narcissism, but me putting my brand to my work is no different than other people putting their signature to theirs.

I brand it so it can be ID’d easily by people if stolen (I’ve had people steal from me before.) Anyway, I create my art for people to enjoy, if it’s not your taste, that’s cool, but it’s ridiculous to throw a meltdown fit over it B/C it’s not your taste. That’s like throwing a fit b/c other people like a different flavor of ice cream than you happen to. Absurd.

I usually don’t even dignify critics w/too much attention, but I felt the need to write this anyway.


In the next few days I will start sharing some new photography posts off & on.

It still fits w/the primary theme of this blog, which is artistic.

Just something cool to look forward to, and I’m excited to bring them to you all.

For The Fans:

I don’t care much for the critics, the downers, the bashers, but to those who encourage & enjoy my creative endeavors,

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart.

As long as I know even one person is getting something worthwhile out of what I share, I’ll keep it up.