Beautiful Pink Rose (Art)

Another flower piece, for Flower/Floral Friday.

Started out with an original hand done rose drawing, glad my hands stayed steady for that, then used various digital painting software to create the final piece you now see.


Recent Art Series

I am returning with some of my newest designs. All created for this week’s wildlife Wednesday (which of course was yesterday. )

A Brief Note

Dear fellow artists, I just want to encourage you all. Whether you are a traditional artist, or have fully embraced the artistic tools of the modern tech age, I just say use your tools well, Dear Ones.

Keep bringing your unique brand of beauty to the world.

With that said, I will be away from this blog briefly. I’ll return when I have more to share with you all. Thanks for the continued interest. ❤️ I promise not to leave you all hanging too long.

Sci-fi Art Experiment

Dinosaur/Venus Flytrap chimera.

I have a micro story to go along with this one.

I imagined it being the result of a nuclear accident. I know in the sci-fi world that’s probably an overdone storyline in some people’s view, but still cool.

It’s inspired by the multitude of science fiction books & movies I’ve read and seen throughout my 36 years.